Now I'm not a truck guy, I'm really not really even a car guy, but I was driving on 95 this morning on my way to my mundane job when I saw a couple of your trucks and was blown away.  I even slowed down to take a few pics (going 70 on the highway nonetheless) to send to my friends.  It's companies like yours that change entire industries for the better, keep up the good work.

And if you ever feel like saving a young finance guy from his dead-end job, you know where to reach me!!

Jeff, CT

I was driving up I-84 on my to Hartford passing thru Southington this morning when I noticed in my side-view mirror, one mean looking truck coming up on me....all I could see was a jet black grill and bumper and 2 huge chrome exhaust pipes. I shifted lanes....quickly!. Then I could see the whole truck as it passed by. I gotta tell ya, that is one bad-ass looking truck. Mean and nasty...nicest I've ever seen. Caught the name of your company and did a Google search at work. The trucks that passed me were the Triple-One and Triple-Zero. Awesome...absolutely awesome !

PS....There was a movie that came out in the early 70's called "Dual" by Stephen King. Involves a psycho truck chasing a car thru the California desert. (You might know it) If they ever decide to make a sequel...the Triple-One would be perfect !!!

Oxford, CT

"Just wanted to say that I was traveling North on 395 in Oxford MA today and was completely taken back by your orange truck with the orange and chrome trailer unit, so much so that I had to google the SRS logo. I was in the Black H2 and gave the driver a thumbs up. Nice to see a company that takes pride in their ride, and judging by the website, the entire company. Thanks for the inspiration."

The Open Road

"I'd like to take a moment of your time to express my admiration for your trucks and for the men who drive them. I run a small gas station on Rt. 4 in Turner, ME and have been seeing your trucks go by for several months now. You have the most impressive fleet of Peterbilts on the highway. I am probably your biggest fan! I have had the opportunity to meet 3 of your drivers - Chris, Kevin, & Ronnie. They are wonderful & kind enough to toot their horns on their way by. It is without a doubt the highlight of my day! I LOVE the train horn!!! The louder the better! I honestly am not crazy, I'm not a stalker. I am just an admirer & a friend should any of your drivers ever need anything when they are in this area. My dream is to one day get to see your trucks up close. Please tell the guys I love them and I truly appreciate what they do. Thank you for taking the time to read this. "

Sherry Morris
Turner, ME

"Dear Mr. Beaudoin Here is a letter from a fan of your company trucks. I saw recently in a magazin over here a stunning Peterbilt with a dump trailer. I think its a wonderful piece of machine. But in the article it was mentioned that you run more trucks on soil work. Are they all customized. In Earl Johnson book The Best of the North East there was a orange Peterbilt. Do you still run this outfit. It looks very good. I hope you can help me with some information are picture's of your stunning company. I would be very pleased."

Henk Dzenthen

"Hi my name is robbie and i love trucks and i saw one of your trucks at berubes in bow new hampshire last year and i realy loved it and i was wondering if you and bringing any of your truck there this year and i also saw some of your truck on the mass pike before "wow what great trucks you guys have" i also have about 10 binder full of truck pictures and yours is in it it is the black and orange 379 peterbilt and where is your company located? have a great day"

Bow, NH